Become a Google Drive Ninja: Part 1 - General

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Become a Google Drive Ninja: Part 1 - General

Welcome to a blog series on how to better use Google Drive. We hope you become more productive reading this. It’s very important that you try all the tricks here explained, rather than trying to memorize them.

This part will be about drive in general, so you can use all tricks for Slides, Sheets and Docs.

Opening a new file

Recently, Google released the .new TLD, allowing businesses to start an action directly, and they took the chance to keep a few for themselves. Just by typing into your url bar the link, you will be presented with a new file, ready to be used. Be careful to check which Google account you’re using in the top left, in case you have more than one.

Here’s a list of some common shortcuts to start a new file:

  • Docs: or
  • Sheets: or
  • Slides: or
  • Calendar: or
  • Forms: or
  • Keep:

Styling your text

You probably know that you can use bold, italics, and underline your text, but anyways, here’s a handy table for those shortcuts. Remember that in Mac you use the ⌘ key instead of Ctrl

  • Bold Ctrl + b
  • Italicize Ctrl + i
  • Underline Ctrl + u
  • Strikethrough Alt + Shift + 5
  • Superscript Ctrl + .
  • Subscript Ctrl + ,
  • Copy text formatting Ctrl + Alt + c
  • Paste text formatting Ctrl + Alt + v
  • Clear text formatting Ctrl + \
  • Increase font size Ctrl + Shift + >
  • Decrease font size Ctrl + Shift + <

Make a text a link

This one is great for helping your readers know what you’re up to. Select some text and press Ctrl + k. This will pull a window asking you for a link, but, as Google is the king of the search, it will try to find possible links you may want to use.

Google Drive's link ui

Find that file

You’ve probably misplaced a file, but fret not. With the power of google search included in Drive, you can find files by content. Type some words that the file contained and voilá. If you’d like more power you may use the dropdown menu and fill the fields.

There is a caveat, you won’t be able to find files shared with you, only your files.

Google Drive's advanced search ui

Share it!

You most likely know this part but Drive has a pretty strict sharing policy, keeping everything private by default. We suggest sharing to an email directly but you may use a shareable link with different levels of editing power: view, comment, edit. If you go with the email route, you may prevent people from copying, downloading or printing your file, so this is better for confidential docs.

Google Drive's share ui


We hope that your work has become easier, faster, and more in sync with these tips. We at work everyday to help you with this, starting with Google drive. If you’d like early access, send us a mail or a Twitter DM.